How I ended up submitting a tiny PR to swagger-codegen

One of the nicer trends in API development has been the growth of the OpenAPI specification (formerly known as swagger). This allows API providers to document their interface easily and improve the developer experience (DX) for anyone using it.

On learning new programming languages

I decided a couple of decades ago that I wanted to speak Spanish beyond the very basics we learned in junior high and high school (which didn’t include much, even in Texas). That meant I wanted to achieve a conversational level, at a minimum. Circumstances at the time prevented me from moving to another country for full immersion, but I could come close to that living in Dallas. Through intense self-directed study and spending large amounts of time in environments where I had to speak Spanish - or at least could speak Spanish - eventually I reached good professional proficiency.

Full Stack DFIR Analyst

The other day, I tossed off a barely-thought-out tweet that got way more attention than I would have ever expected:

Python tricks: tempfile module

Imagine a program that needs to store a bunch of files in a directory (possibly already existing). How do you make sure that you can, in fact, save to that directory successfully? I can think of a few ways: