Reviewing 2014 tech goals

A little over a year ago, I wrote about my tech goals for 2014. Before writing new ones, I should review how things went last year.

Incident Patterns

Today, Kevin Thompson and I presented at the SANS DFIR Summit on patterns of incident types found within the VERIS Community Database. Our research focused first on identifying interesting patterns within the data set, then examining those patterns more closely for TTPs and other potentially useful insights.


Combining two of my oldest hobbies (gaming and coding), tries to list as many coding and security “games” as possible. This also includes programming challenges and contests, like Project Euler.

Handling URLs in Python with a wrapper function

Now for a break from Project Euler… In my projects, I find myself frequently retrieving URLs from various servers. Sometimes I need to call a REST API endpoint and other times I need to scrape a site. And like a lot of programmers, I don’t like to rewrite code. So originally, in Maltrieve, I wrote a function called get_URL() that wrapped calls to urllib2.urlopen() so I didn’t have to repeat the error handling every time. It sucked.