Incident Patterns

security,research 2014-06-10

Today, Kevin Thompson and I presented at the SANS DFIR Summit on patterns of incident types found within the VERIS Community Database. Our research focused first on identifying interesting patterns within the data set, then examining those pattern...


meta 2014-05-31

Combining two of my oldest hobbies (gaming and coding), tries to list as many coding and security "games" as possible. This also includes programming challenges and contests, like Project Euler.

Handling URLs in Python with a wrapper function

programming,python 2014-01-15

Now for a break from Project Euler... In my projects, I find myself frequently retrieving URLs from various servers. Sometimes I need to call a REST API endpoint and other times I need to scrape a site. And like a lot of programmers, I don't l...

2014 Tech goals

programming,meta 2013-12-29

While the calendar will flip in a few days, I've had some time off and and naturally have spent some time thinking about the future. What do I want to learn and improve in my technical skills over the next year or so? Most of the following can...

Getting started in infosec

security 2013-12-27

I recently participated in a discussion on a private mailing list about people who want to get started in information security. Of course it veered into standard territory about the value of certifications and such, but a few bits turned out inter...

Computers versus telescopes

programming 2013-12-25

Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. -- Michael R Fellows ?

Kent Doctrine for security intel analysis

security,intel 2013-12-21

I’ve said before that log management matters, but log analysis matters more. Extracting and communicating useful information (analysis) requires collecting and storing your security data as well as processing the data quickly. But having all the d...

Research Ideas

security 2013-12-21

To start, here are my thoughts on interesting ideas for research. Feel free to use any of these as your own inspiration, but if you do, please let me know to satiate my own curiosity!