Reviewing 2014 tech goals

A little over a year ago, I wrote about my tech goals for 2014. Before writing new ones, I should review how things went last year.

  1. Submit a solid proposal to speak at DEFCON. Submitted, accepted, presented!
  2. Complete the Matasano Crypto Challenges Not completed. I didn’t even make as much progress as I’d like, though I did get some done.
  3. Complete at least 100 problems from Project Euler, including writeups. I didn’t get 100 done. Despite the README, though, I actually did complete more than the 17 listed there. Counting my IPython notebooks, I completed 35.
  4. Build at least one really cool hardware project. Nope. Nada.

Despite this, I feel pretty good about things I got done last year. I changed jobs to an employer with a culture I can truly support. The DEFCON presentation required and enabled a lot of interesting research. In fact, that research did more to deepen my coding skills than anything I’ve done in a while. My partnership with the MLSec Project has turned out fantastic.

Of course, the year overall was not an unalloyed good. The last third or so of the year presented some personal challenges for me. This led me not to accomplish everything I’d have liked, plus created some other issues I still am resolving.

I have high hopes for 2015 and will write about them tomorrow.