On learning new programming languages

programming,education,python,golang 2015-05-13

I decided a couple of decades ago that I wanted to speak Spanish beyond the very basics we learned in junior high and high school (which didn't include much, even in Texas). That meant I wanted to achieve a conversational level, at a minimum. ...

Full Stack DFIR Analyst

career 2015-05-11

The other day, I tossed off a barely-thought-out tweet that got way more attention than I would have ever expected:

Python tricks: tempfile module

security,python,programming 2015-05-07

Imagine a program that needs to store a bunch of files in a directory (possibly already existing). How do you make sure that you can, in fact, save to that directory successfully? I can think of a few ways:

Professors: stop assigning group projects! (Guest Post)

education 2015-05-05

NB: Written by Kevin Thompson on September 2, 2013 and republished with his permission.

Understanding attribution

security 2015-05-04

One of the most popular and enduring forms of mystery fiction is the whodunit. Readers and audiences love following along to try to determine the actual identity of the attacker based on the clues and observations provided. During and after incide...

Why does language evolution frustrate us?

security 2015-04-29

In the late 1990s, when I first started working with network diagrams, we frequently used cloud symbols to represent the Internet or any other network that we weren't going to represent in detail. From this sort of metaphor grew the concept of...

Rafal Los spews racism


NB: This was originally published as a gist.

Python tricks: dictionary, setdefault, and addict

python,programming 2015-04-07

This post was written by guest blogger Kevin "@bfist" Thompson who is too lazy to start his own blog and just camps out on others like a homeless bass player crashing on friend's couches. Second in an occasional series.

Python tricks: counting

python,programming 2015-04-03

first in an occasional series

Open Source Software Engineering

programming 2015-04-02

In the process of 'leveling up' as a programmer, I have started trying to implement some lightweight, basic software engineering concepts. This post serves as a way for me to organize my own thoughts as I learn. It focuses primarily on ope...