Python tricks: dictionary, setdefault, and addict

python,programming 2015-04-07

This post was written by guest blogger Kevin "@bfist" Thompson who is too lazy to start his own blog and just camps out on others like a homeless bass player crashing on friend's couches. Second in an occasional series.

Python tricks: counting

python,programming 2015-04-03

first in an occasional series

Open Source Software Engineering

programming 2015-04-02

In the process of 'leveling up' as a programmer, I have started trying to implement some lightweight, basic software engineering concepts. This post serves as a way for me to organize my own thoughts as I learn. It focuses primarily on ope...

The Breach Dodecahedron

security,guestblog 2015-03-17

This post was written by guest blogger and broham extraordinaire Kevin "@bfist" Thompson. For more ramblings on risk management and pro wrestling, go follow him!

Maltrieve v0.6 released

security 2015-03-16

Last night, I released Maltrieve v0.6 (beta 6). We now use setuptools to handle installation. This release also includes some bug fixes and the addition of ZeusTracker as a source.

D&D alignments and hat colors

security 2015-03-12

So @da_667 started a thread on Twitter today with a "hypothetical" scenario:

Advice on CFP responses

meta 2015-03-10

The conference Call For Paper (CFP) season has started in full swing. Lots of people have started preparing their CFP responses. I look forward to seeing the new research and tutorials from these.

Targeted personal attacks

security,activism 2015-02-18

Sometimes hackers can do more good in local communities and civil society than agitating about national policy.

On the importance of foundational texts

security,reading 2015-02-16

Every field of study has a set of foundational texts. They may not reflect the state of the art in modern times, but students and practitioners in a given field generally need at least a passing familiarity with them to claim any significant exper...

Understanding honeypots on two axes

security 2015-02-09

With the release of Modern Honey Network by our friends at ThreatStream, lots of folks have started to pay attention to honeypots as a data source again. Traditionally, we have classified honeypots based on their level of interaction. Low-interact...